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Whitby Folk Week, August 17th to August 23rd    2019

Lynette and I are booked as festival guests. I’ve suggested a presentation on the Flamborough fishermen’s songs and tales of the late Jossy ‘Pop’ Mainprize and Robert Leng as one event I could do. Also a feature on my fiddle duets with Mossy Christian and/or Lee Merrill Sendall.

Bridlington Sailing Coble Festival, July 27th & 28th         2019

This is will be a third appearance at the coble festival for me. Thankyou to Paul Arro and the Coble Society for that. They have asked me to take on the harbourside commentary as well as my song performances this time.

Barnsley Folk Club, Wednesday July 10th               2019

Dave Bottomley has  invited me to the Barnsley Folk Club at the Trades Club, Racecommon Road, Barnsley, S70 6AA. I’ve put the address because they vary between two venues these days. It’s an 8.30 start. On previous experience, they kick off with a good quality tunes session with resident musicians welcoming visitors to play too.

Morpeth Gathering, April 26th to 28th            2019

I think Kim Bibby-Wilson, the organiser, would like my contribution to include some work with Moss Christian again this coming year. I know she spoke to Mossy briefly about it at some point – maybe at Whitby Folk Week this year.

Dancing England, Nottingham, January 26th                   2019

Flamborough Longsword Dancers are on the bill for Dancing England and I will be joining the musicians for them at this showcase event.

Recent Past:

Goathland Plough Stots Village Dance Day, January 19th       2019

I will be out with the musicians for the Plough Stots’ annual dance-out round Goathland village.

Flamborough Sword Dancers and Sawmill Sidewinders Boxing Day   December 26th, 2018

The fun will begin at Bempton White Horse before noon I expect, though organisation is always a minor consideration for Flamborough. I shall be doing my best to join in with as much Sawmilling and as much dance playing as possible.

Beverley Christmas Fair, December 9th   2018

I’m going to be a shiznit for this one! I’ve guested with Shiznitz a time or two before but this time I’m one of the band. I think we’re doing two scheduled spots between 11a.m. and 3p.m.

Beamish Museum Christmas Fairs, December 6th & 7th, 13th & 14th, 20th & 21st        2018

Lee (Corona Smith) and I are invited once again to play the grand old East Yorkshire carols of the late Billy Harrison of Millington plus other Yorkshire Christmas songs at the Beamish Open Air Museum on six evenings (Thursdays and Fridays) leading up to Christmas. This is always a good showcase for all our puppets and dancing dolls too.

Cherry Burton Village Hall Ceilidh, November 17th        2018

I’m invited along to guest with The Wollybacks, the Peirson family dance band – a great opportunity. I’ve been learning three or four of their tunes that are fresh to me. There’s a pie and pea supper on offer as well as the music.

Burton Agnes Hall Michaelmas Fair, October 28th        2018

Flamborough Sword Dancers make their annual appearance at the Michaelmas Fair on Sunday. I shall be there with my fiddle to play for the dancing.

Further Past:

I’ll be playing for the Goathland Plough Stots throughout this year’s Whitby Folk Week. Lynette will be performing with Green Ginger so I’ll be there as a clog husband.

Whitby Folk Week, August 18th to 24th           2018 

I’m looking forward to my return to Bridlington Sailing Coble Festival. Last year’s event was a top day in my performing schedule. I’ll be playing around the harbour throughout the two days.

Bridlington Sailing Coble Festival, August 4th and 5th       2018

We’ve a Two-Straylarkers-plus-Lynette gig confirmed for the steam rally at Ackworth near Pontefract this summer. It’s good that we’ve got it fixed. John Brooke, the organiser, has tried to book us twice before. It clashed with other bookings each time so we had to turn it down, even though it sounds like a job we’ll enjoy doing. It’s a daytime job, 10am to 5pm.

Steam Fair, Ackworth Nr Pontefract, July 22nd               2018

Lynette and I are booked for The Cellar Upstairs Folk Club, London in May. There’s always good company at the Cellar so we look forward to hearing the resident singers and musicians as well as to our own opportunity to perform.

The Cellar Upstairs Folk Club, Calthorpe Arms, Grays Inn Rd, London, May 19  2018

John Lawson has been in touch to book Lynette and myself for Stockton Folk Club. This will be a first return there since the days of the late, respected Ron Angel. We’ll look forward to it.

Stockton Folk Club, Sun Inn, Stockton on Tees, April 30th        2018

Jim is booked again for Morpeth Gathering for outdoor spots and the Saturday procession. Fiddle puppet Gerald is included in the invitation. Lynette will be there too for clog dance workshops and as a competitions judge.

Morpeth Gathering, April 6th and 7th      2018

There’s another free concert at Hull Maritime Museum being arranged by Steve Gardham. I’m on second, after Spare Hands and before Beggar’s Bridge and Geoff Lawes. The full line-up will be bigger than that.

Hull Maritime Museum, Free Concert. Sat Feb 24th, 1pm.                   2018

Goathland Plough Stots plough blessing and day of dance in the village happen over the next two weekends. I shall be joining the musicians for both those events.

Goathland Plough Stots Village Dancing,   Goathland, Saturday January 13th   2018

Plough Blessing, St Mary’s Church, Goathland, Sunday, January 7th  2018

Last Year

The Horse Shoe, Crewe – Saturday Session, 30th December    2017

Sawmilling and Flamborough Sword Dancers, Bempton White Horse and Flamborough Village, December 26th          2017 

Two Straylarkers, Jim Eldon and Corona Smith, have been booked for the 2017 Beamish Museum Christmas Fairs. We are very pleased to be re-booked. It is a great opportunity to take out the traditional Millington carols that I learnt from Billy Harrison back in the nineteen eighties. Corona plays the harmony lines passed on by Billy. Billy himself learnt the different parts in the days when he used to go out carolling with fiddles and cello in Nunburnholme and Millington with his father and brother and, sometimes, a friend playing concertina, back in the early years of the twentieth century.
Two Straylarkers will also be featuring their fiddle puppet, jig doll and peg doll dancers.
The fairs sell out well in advance so tickets need to be bought early from the museum’s on-line ticket office.

Beamish Christmas Fairs 2017, Beamish Museum, County Durham –
Thursday, December 7th
Friday, December 8th
Thursday, December 14th
Friday, December 15th

Thursday, December 21st
Friday, December 22nd

Flamborough Sword Dancers will be dancing on the Sunday of Burton Agnes Michaelmas Fair at Burton Agnes Hall. I’ll be amongst the musicians playing for that.

Burton Agnes Michaelmas Fair, Burton Agnes Hall – October 29, 2017

Lynette and I have been booked for Hartlepool Folk Festival in October. That is at the historic ships area where the Trincomalee is moored and the old Humber ferry, Wingfield Castle. That’ll be good to see those two vessels. Maybe we’ll get to perform aboard. Thankyou, Joan Crump and The Wilsons.

Hartlepool Festival, Historic Quay & R.N. Maritime Museum – October 14 & 15, 2017

I’ll be with the musicians playing for the Flamborough Juniors Sword Dance Team  and the Goathland Plough Stots at the Sword Dance Union meet. Action starts at 10 a.m.

Sword Dance Union Meet and Competitions, Goathland Hub and village – Oct 7, 2017

Geoff Bibby has been in touch to fix a date for Warrington Folk Club in October. That will be good to visit there again, It’s been a few year’s since I did that one.

Warrington Folk Club, The Bull’s Head      –            Sunday, October 1st  2017 

Kate Atkinson has invited me to do a half hour set at the opening night of the Goathland Hub.

 Goathland Hub, Opening Night             –                   Saturday,  September 23           2017

I’m doing a set at the Hull Truck’s Folk in Hull night in mid September.

Hull Truck Theatre, Hull                         –                 Tuesday, September 12       2017         


Yippee! We’ve got Stowmarket. We always go but Lynette heard from Katie this morning that they’d like to book us as proper guests again this year. Katie is calling it a day as organiser there so it’s a privilege to be involved in her final one. Here’s a link: http://www.eatmt.org.uk/tmd.htm

Stowmarket Traditional Music Day – September 2nd        2017

Bernie’s lad Jack is putting on an event at a bar down Sawmill Yard. I think it’s where Tony’s Textiles used to be. It’s an afternoon/early evening thing. I’m on some time between 5.30 and 7p.m. I think.

Prior Bar, Sawmill Yard, Bridlington – August 27th          2017 

Jim and Lynette Eldon are booked for both Sidmouth and Whitby Folk Weeks in 2017.

Whitby Folk Week – August 19th to 25th        2017

I am playing for a wedding at Harpham on the Tuesday after Sidmouth. It’s a long afternoon, with a free-and-easy remit to do whatever fits, as and when, during that time.

McKee family wedding – St. Quintin Arms, Harpham – August 15th    2017  

Our full schedule for Sidmouth Festival is now available if you click on Jim & Lynette Eldon SFW Schedule.

Sidmouth Festival – August 4th to 11th       2017

On the Sunday of Hull Folk and Maritime Festival, Jim will be performing on board the barge Syntan, alongside the wharf in the Hull Marina, a 45 minute spot at 2.15pm.

Hull Folk and Maritime Festival – July 23rd         2017

Jim appears at Bridlington Coble Society’s day of coble-related activities on the harbour round and about the Harbour Museum with two or three spots from Jim and fiddle from 10.30ish through to mid afternoon.

Bridlington Sailing Coble Festival – July 1st       2017 

Two Straylarkers (Jim Eldon & Corona Smith) are booked to perform with the puppets (Gerald the fiddle puppet, Donald the jig-doll and the dancing pairs of George Evan Mills peg-dolls) at the Big Malarkey Children’s festival in East Park, Hull on the afternoon of the last Friday in June.

The Big Malarkey, East Park, Hull – June 30th             2017 

Flamborough Sword Juniors are booked for the street performances and procession on the Saturday of Beverley Festival. Rob has just been in touch to ask me if I’d like to play for them and, yes, I would.

Beverley Folk Festival – June 17, 2017       Procession 10.30 a.m., Street performances till 4.00 pm.

Diggy Howarth and I are playing for a wedding at Sewerby Ship on Saturday 10th June. I think it’s going to be a plugged-in set so I’ll have to dig out a pick-up and pre-amp.

Sam & Emily’s Wedding, Ship Inn, Sewerby, Nr Bridlington – June 10     2017

Also Mike Wilson has confirmed a date for Jim and Lynette at The Wellington, Wolviston  in May.

The Welly Folk Club, Wolviston, Teesside – May 25th      2017

I’m booked for Morpeth Gathering to do some street performance with Gerald, my fiddle puppet and a performance/presentation entitled Family Songs, Family Tunes. That will feature the Pennock family tunes plus other songs and tunes from our own family and more. Lynette is booked separately to run a workshop and to judge clog competitions. She will be doing a dance or two on the Family Songs, Family Tunes show too.

Morpeth Gathering – Fri 21st and Sat 22nd April      2017

Darlington Britannia is a welcome addition to the diary. That’s just been added to the list:

Britannia Folk Club, Darlington – April 11th         2017

Steve Gardham is putting on a free concert at Hull Streetlife Museum and I’ll be doing a spot there. The concert runs from 1pm to 4pm and my bit is from 2.30 to 2

Hull Streetlife Museum, High St., Hull – Sat March 18 (Afternoon)    2017

I’m doing a couple of songs at Hull Truck in a thing Folk in Hull are putting on.

Hull Truck, Hull – Sat March 4th 8pm

“Plough Monday” dance out at Goathland (Nearest Saturday) starts at 10a.m. with the march from the hall to the green in front of the shops and goes all round village throughout the day, finishing down at Beck Hole in mid to late afternoon :

Goathland Plough Stots Village Dancing – January 14th        2017

Goathland Plough Blessing – January 8th


This year’s Boxing Day playing and dancing will start at Bempton White Horse about quarter to twelve. Flamborough Sword Dancers and The Sawmill Sidewinders will be doing their bits together and separately, at Bempton then in Flamborough village.

The White Horse, Bempton and Flamborough village – December 26th     2016

Two Straylarkers (Jim Eldon and Corona Smith) are performing at St. Stephen’s shopping centre, Hull three days before Christmas.

St. Stephen’s Centre, Hull – December 22nd     2016

Two Straylarkers also have a bunch of work at the Beamish Museum Christmas Fairs in December.

Beamish Museum – December 15th & 16th             2016

Beamish Museum – December 8th & 9th             2016

Beamish Museum – December 1st & 2nd              2016

There’s a Jim Eldon gig at the Kardomah94 in Hull with Plumhall in late November.

Kardomah94, Hull – November 26                2016

Burton Agnes Hall – October 30            2016    Jim Eldon will be playing for the Flamborough Sword Dancers along with Sue Storey and Steve Peirson.

Jim appears on the free afternoon concert at Hull Maritime Museum on Sat Oct 15. The concert runs from 1pm to 4pm. Jim’s slot is 2.50-3.10

Hull Maritime Museum – October 15            2016

Diggy and Jim are playing for an 80th birthday at Brid Football Club on Saturday evening after the Maritime Museum event in the afternoon.

Bridlington Football Club – October 15    2016

Jim will be playing, with the Flamborough musicians, for Flamborough Sword Dancers and, with the other Goathland musicians, for Goathland Plough Stots in Goathland village on October 8th. It is the Longsword Dance Union day of dancing and goes on from late morning to late afternoon.