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Songs and Tales From Flamborough Head is the October 2018 release from Musical Traditions Records. The CD is available from Musical Traditions either as a disc by mail order or as a download. Just click on Songs and Tales from Flamborough Head.
The Musical Traditions album combines sections from two earlier Stick Records cassettes, one of fishermen’s tales, recorded in Robert’s garden shed and another, of their extended song repertoire, recorded at Radio Humberside. Some of the songs, A Thunnerin’ Sort of a Lie and The Wreck of the Brownlow and Walmo for example, are unique to Flamborough. Others, like Roll the Old Chariot and Good Luck to the Barley Corn are distinctive local versions of more widely known songs.
I am there on some of the songs. Robert and Jossy became friends with Lynette and myself and between the recording of the tales in 1988 and the recording of the Radio Humberside session a year or two later, we had spent many happy hours sharing singsongs and also taking the songs and tales out in public to folk festivals and other events.
Robert and Joss are no longer with us. These recordings keep their memory alive and help their songs reach fresh ears.
Just yesterday, as I write this, Robert’s grandson Craig was telling me he had recently been singing one of his grandad’s songs, ‘I Was In It’, out in public at a pub music session.
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Songs and Fiddle Tunes is my own most recent album (2016) and is available from Veteran Mail Order. It includes the much-requested Puffin in My Pint and the magnificent East Yorkshire version of The Merry Cuckold (7 Nights Drunk) that myself and Steve Gardham encountered from Aldborough villager Les Smith back in the 1970s. The startling Queen of Tavendor that I learnt from Bryn Davies is recorded here too.
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Reviewer Dave Kidman noticed that I’d wrongly numbered the song I learnt from Blanche Porritt (It was the Liner Titanic) as track 14 instead of 18 when I wrote the acknowledgements of my sources. Thankyou Dave.
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Also available from Veteran Mail Order are:-

The Brid Fiddler which is the 1987 live performance album that kicks off with my re-working of Dancing in the Dark and  moves on into English traditional songs and fiddle tunes including a local East Yorkshire version of Herrings’ Heads. The Maid and the Magpie, learnt from the singing of Cyril Poacher but filled out from a broadsheet text published by Forth Printers of Hull, is there too as are Windy Old Weather and family fiddle tunes and some excellent clog stepping from Lynette. There are fourteen tracks in all.

Home From Sea, a studio album, is also on the Veteran list. Songs include What is Your One-O, a strong accumulative song, better known in (but much different from) the community song version  Green Grow the Rushes-O. I learnt it from a Hornsea woman, Miss Fallowfield, who in turn knew it from her Grandfather. There are covers of Birdhouse in Your Soul and Screamin’ Lord Such’s ‘Til the Following night. Farewell Stick and Farewell Stone is a version of The Wife of Usher’s Well. There is also the Flamborough version of Grace Darling. Eleven songs in all, including I Wish There Was No Prisons and one Eldon original, Wife’s in Drydock.

They are all glass-mastered albums – that is to say, you put them in your CD player and they work.

I also have two CDR albums – that is to say, you put them in your CD player and hope they will work. Veteran won’t deal in CDRs as they only sell best quality items.

The CDR albums are:   Straydance Outbreak by Two Straylarkers (Two Straylarkers is the duet name of myself and Corona Smith). This is an EP of six fiddle duets.It is available as a download on Bandcamp.  Click here  and, by the wonders of the internet you’ll suddenly be on bandcamp looking at the EP. There is also a Two Straylarkers site, where there is a Bandcamp link. If you aren’t into downloads, to buy a copy for £6.99 including postage, email me please at

The other CDR is Golden Arrows     ( Jim Eldon with Mike Hirst)    This is a re-issue of the 1990 cassette album of original Jim Eldon songs which Phil Snell at Limbo Studios, Otley has kindly re-mastered for me. To buy one for £7.99 including postage, email me please, at

On Musical Traditions Records, there is the CD Billy Harrison with Jim Eldon, Yorkshire Fiddle Tunes, Songs and Carols on which you can hear the Millington village fiddler who was one of Jim’s inspirations. Click to link.